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Risk-Free Performance-Based Marketing

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Explore the Risk-Free Performance-Based Marketing Program

I'm super excited that you're all set to try a new marketing approach that is performance-based Applying for my Risk-Free Performance-Based Marketing program is as easy as pie, and hey, you've got nothing to lose!

Who's right for performance marketing?

You're dying to track sales results.

My ideal partners for this program are brick and mortar retail business store owners who have worked with enough agencies to understand that my offer is pretty sweet. I'm happy to answer questions and to do what I need to to establish trust, but I'm not interested selling you on trying a performance marketing strategy instead of what you've been doing.

You're happy to pay for success.

One of the benefits of performance marketing is that I won't charge you of you don't see you a return of 5X of ad spend for my marketing efforts. If I knock your online marketing results out of the park and you're getting lots of sales for your paid advertising, will you be ok with giving me a share of your revenue from your paid marketing when it is successful?

You want a marketing partner for paid ads.

I'm interested in building long-time performance based advertising that benefits both of us. It's in my best interest to focus on giving you the best possible sales results. That means that if you are in need of a full-service agency, that's different. What I can do very well is complement your work with an agency by providing you with paid ads that deliver sales.

Your website is already working.

Paid ads sending traffic to a broken website is a bad idea. You need to have the basics covered and be ready for performance based advertising to grow your results. The ability to track sales is critical. It's easier if you have a Shopify site, but any e-commerce site tracking sales using Google Analytics GA4 is a candidate for performance marketing success.

Need more info before you decide?

Learn more about what performance-based marketing is. Read my performance marketing terms and conditions.

How to apply for my performance-based marketing program

  1. Fill out the form below completely to let me know you are interested.
  2. We'll schedule a zoom call to see if we're a good fit for each other.