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Book a Marketing & Technology Consulting Zoom Session with Peter

Move your ecommerce website and online marketing forward with a face-to-face call with Peter over Zoom. I'm happy to teach you how to work with Shopify and/or Your Google Ads, or, I can take over and handle whatever you need. if you like, you can record our session so you have it for future reference.

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Take Back Control of Your Online Marketing

I help store owners like you gain a better understanding of the tools available, simplifying processes, eliminating waste, and helping you take back control of your online advertising.

How it works

We'll get on a Zoom call together and walk through the list of challenges you are experiencing and take as much ground as we can towards your goals. Often what this will looks like is making adjustments to Shopify themes and/or settings, connecting Google properties, or launching and optimizing ad campaigns.

My areas of expertise

  • Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for retail marketing
  • Graphic design for both print and digital
  • Website creation (Shopify & Wordpress)
  • Social media advertising
  • Brick & mortar retail …what? Yup, that too.

Hire me as you need me

Book as much or as little time as you wish. No contracts. No monthly fees. …Easy-peasy!

No contract, no monthly fees, …just pay me for my time as you need me. Simple as that.

Work with me to get your products selling online, eliminate wasteful spending, improve your marketing, and measure your results.

Whatever would have the biggest impact on your business. …let's do that!