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Peter Benes, Retail Makreting Coach for Brick and Mortar Ecommerce

Peter Benes

Digital Retail Marketing Specialist for Ecommerce

Bridging Retail and Ecommerce

My name is Peter Benes, and I am a seasoned expert in the realm of digital marketing, with a specialized focus on bridging the gap for brick and mortar store retailers, with in store retail marketing success, trying to find potential customers through digital advertising.

My objective is to empower retail business websites with good retail marketing strategy.

A Blend of In Store Experience and Successful Retail Marketing Expertise

Retail Business Insights

While I was developing my graphic design career, I was also deeply involved with the branding and marketing effort's of my partner's brick and mortar dancewear store. This in-store experience as her company grew over 25 years provided me with a very personal understanding about what it takes to drive sales through online marketing efforts. Spending our own money gave me a uniquely critical point of view when it came to retail marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Proficiency

Parallel to my retail experience, I led a virtual design agency for 12 years, honing skills in crucial areas like SEO, Google Ads, and Shopify optimization and customization. And in the last 2 years, being on the forefront of the biggest retail marketing trends, which involve maximizing opportunities for retail sites by adopting AI as part of our retail marketing process. This expertise is vital when doing retail marketing for local businesses aiming to boost their access to new customers and drive sales through online shopping.

Tailoring Strategies for Retail Store Success

Collaborative Retail Marketing Strategy Development

Working in partnership with retail store owners, I emphasize a collaborative approach, focusing on developing retail marketing strategies for online sales that resonate with both existing customers and potential new ones. This involves a careful blend of traditional retail advertising and modern digital techniques. All of which are meant to strengthen the store owner's ability to understand what online retail marketing involves and build their confidence in the process.

Performance Marketing: Maximizing Retail ROI

A cornerstone of my services is performance marketing, a transformative strategy for retail stores to maximize their online marketing ROI. This approach is centered on achieving tangible results, namely measuring customer data, eliminating waste, and increasing sales for each dollar spent on retail marketing ideas.

Elevating Ecommerce for Retail Businesses

Success Stories in Retail Ecommerce

I cut my teeth on our own store, which grew to be the largest in our vertical nationally, both in-store and online. With a 13,000 sq ft retail space and warehouse shipping across the country daily.

My strategies have significantly impacted retail businesses across North America, transitioning them successfully into ecommerce.

Digital Marketing Tools for Retail Success

In addition to strategic guidance, I offer expertise in leveraging digital marketing tools essential for retail stores. This includes navigating the retail marketing mix of online properties and connecting all the parts so we can measure the actual results of your efforts.

Specialized Services: Empowering Local Retailers

Local Business and Community Focus

Understanding the importance of local businesses, my strategies are tailored not just for online traffic but for building a comprehensive digital presence. This includes integrating in-store promotions with online campaigns, creating a seamless customer journey.

Consultation and Strategy Development

I invite retail store owners to collaborate on developing a digital marketing plan that aligns with their unique business objectives. Our focus will be on creating a marketing mix that drives both foot traffic and online sales, enhancing the overall retail experience.

Ready to Get Started with Peter?

Maximize Your Retail Store's Ecommerce Presence

Retail store owners ready to revolutionize their ecommerce strategy are encouraged to contact me. Together, we'll embark on a journey to develop a results-based digital marketing plan, focusing on customer engagement, sales growth, and long-term success in the competitive online retail market.

2 Ways to Work Together

Pre-pay for coaching/consulting as needed, or, pay for my performance.