Peter Benes

Performance-Based Marketing


You’re a retail business owner and have had enough with paying for lack-lustre marketing results.

What if your digital marketing could be made up of successful campaigns that measurably earn you revenue?

Why Performance Based?

A client of mine asked if marketing companies are good at what they do, why is it that they don't get paid based on their results.

The truth is that most marketing agencies take a month fee and then change an additional 15-20% of whatever you spend on ads, which never sounded right to me.

So I decided to flip the model…

I only make money when you make money.

That seems more fair, doesn't it?

How does this work?

  1. You apply for the program below.
  2. Next, you'll assign a budget.
  3. I'll setup up revenue tracking, run ads, and share all the metrics with you through your Google Analytics account.
  4. If you earn less than $5 for each $1 I spend on ads, then I don't get paid.
  5. Once you are earning $5 for each $1 spent, I'll be paid a percentage of the revenue from the ads.

How much will this cost you?

You'll prepay for the ad budget you're assigning to me on a monthly basis.

When your ads are earning $5 or more for each $1 spent based Google's conversion tracking, I'll take a percentage of revenue that comes from the ads based on on a sliding scale starting at 5%.

So if you're earning $5 in sales for each $1 spent on ads, you'll pay me 5% of your ad revenue.If you're earning $10 in sales for each $1 spent on ads, you'll pay me 10% of your ad revenue. The maximum you'll pay is 16% if you are earning $16 or more in ad revenue for each $1 spent on ads.

There is no setup charge.

In keeping with the risk-free concept, I'm waving any setup fees. However, if there any key pieces missing, like Google Analytics has never been setup or isn't measuring sales, my time for handling basic site and Google property setup will come out of the first month's budget.

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