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How We Discovered WhizBang

Our Retail Dance Store in Canada

My partner, Amber, purchased a brick & mortar store when she was twenty-one, along with her co-founder, Sharyn, who happened to be her mom. Sharyn focused on custom dance costume design & manufacturing, while Amber set her attention to the retail end of the dance store.

The store quickly grew to be the largest dancewear shop nationally, both by physical size (13,000 sq ft retail store & warehouse), and in volume of sales (data provided by suppliers), often doubling sales year to year.

Breaking Through

Opportunities to Grow

As an already successful retail store owner, Amber was looking for opportunuties to continue to improve. She was introduced to Bob Negen and Whizbang Retail Training by a friend in her industry.

The friend happened to be a direct dancewear competitor with great stores in other cities. He had used the Whizbang programs and was now a coach for WhizBang Retail Training and eager to share how WhizBang helps retailers of all sizes build great stores using the right strategies for success.

Whizbang! Founder Bob Negen Speaking at the Retail Success Summit

In her own words

What Amber got from Whizbang…

Better Retail Training

For years, I had developed a breadth of business and product knowledge education for my staff training with just a small amount of time spent on selling. The Whizbang courses in sales were so easy to use, they quickly gave staff confidence and left them with a depth of understanding about sales and service that made it possible for our associates to complete prior product knowledge training that our management weren't able to convey before. Whizbang streamlined our education framework and had new staff excel with our clients quickly. The result was a simplified process for our managers, a happier workforce, and best of all, less stress for me.

Strategies for In-Store Retail Success

I had been so focused on new trends in omni experiential transformations happening in retail for years, which was placing my attention outside the store. Whizbang reminded me that, as much as I needed a framework for extending the in-store experience to every online touch-point, we needed to go back to some in-store basics. Ones that delight customers with the the high touch personal experiences they so wanted with each visit.

Marketing Tactics for Our Retail Business

WhizBang's marketing resources were full of endless ideas for stores . Even after 20 plus years of successfully marketing of our store, the marketing modules gave us new places to look in maximizing every opportunity to reach out to customers and stay top of mind. Our promos and communication took on a hyper focus, like sharp shooting, and our results rose exponentially.
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More ABout WhizBang

What is WhizBang Retail Training?

WhizBang Retail Training is an online retail learning system specifically designed with the right combination of tried and tested knowledge products to help retailers improve the customer experience and increase store profits. It offers comprehensive courses and ongoing coaching that can be tailored to each retailer’s individual needs while addressing the many components of running a retail business that all retailers have in common.

WhizBang Co-Founders

Susan & Bob Negen

The co-founders of WhizBang Retail Training, Susan & Bob Negen, have many years of retail success between them and are committed to helping every retailer grow their store into the retail business of their dreams. By sharing their depth of knowledge for what it takes to elevate brick and mortar retail businesses beyond what the average retailer might think is possible. Allowing long-time established retailers discover new passion for their stores, and giving new store owners the tools to fast-track their success.

Bob & Susan have created these unique training programs which offer an essential framework to any store founder interested in new ideas that build new competencies in retail, address common mindset pitfalls, offer insights into gaps in team dynamics, enhance the skills of managers and sales associates, use data driven marketing tactics, and offer the ability to address limiting beliefs about what is possible for small business and create something new.

Bob & Susan Negen, founders of Whizbang Retail Training

How WhizBang Retail Training Helps Retailers

WhizBang Retail Training offers a complete solution for retail success. WhizBang's courses are designed to quickly help retailers identify areas where their stores need improvement, understand the story inventory data is telling, develop actionable plans for success, and implement change that increase sales and customer satisfaction.

WhizBang Retail Training also helps retailers stay on track with their goals by providing guidance from experienced retail coaches, and through connecting a community of store owners with complimentary skills as a sounding board to reflect on whatever challenges each is facing.

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Great Programs for Great retailers

Whatever Your Shop's Challenges Are, WhizBang Retail Training Has Proven Ideas for You to Try

If you're a retail store owner looking for an edge, WhizBang Retail Training is perfect for you. From free resources, to virtual event offers throughout the year, to in-depth knowledge products and coaching services, WhizBang provides everything you need to succeed. Get ready to maximize your profits!

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