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Useful Resources & Links

Thank you for attending the "Leveraging AI to Maximize Productivity in Planning, Research, Content Creation & Marketing" presentation at AICI Canada. Below, you'll find a curated list of links and resources to help you further explore the topics discussed and enhance your AI-powered productivity.


Create an account to access ChatGPT and OpenAI's other tools.

Visit OpenAI

ChatGPT 4

Start using ChatGPT 4 once you have a paid OpenAI account.

Access ChatGPT


Create original images from text descriptions once you have a paid OpenAI account.

Check out Dall-E 2


Create realistic video from text.

Explore Sora

Peter's GPT Templates

These are the templates that I created to help with content planning and creation.

Topical Authority GPT

Use this GPT to generate article ideas in your niche.

Outline Optimizer GPT

Create comprehensive article outlines with this GPT.

Content Exploder GPT

Expand your article outlines into full drafts using this GPT.

Other AI Tools

Adobe Firefly

Adobe is incorporating AI into their creative products, and this is their stand-alone text-to-image generator.

Learn About Firefly

Clean Email

An AI tool that will help clear your inbox.

Check Out Clean Email

Eleven Labs

Text to Speech Generator.

Make AI talk for you


AI-enhanced writing suggestions and corrections, and plagiarism checker.

Visit Grammarly


Powerful AI-powered writing assistant for marketing.

See what Jasper can do


Generate stunning visuals using AI.

Visit Midjourney Website

Midjourney Magazine

Get a printed magazine of AI art delivered each month.

Subscribe to the magazine

AI-powered transcription and note-taking tool.

Learn about Otter


An advanced options for writers that allows you to switch between AI platforms for the same price as Open AI. It also offers folders for better organization.

Try Perplexity

Pi - Your Personal AI.

This free AI likes to have conversations. Turn on speaker mode and get to know each other. A lovely tool for a first experience with AI.

Try Pi

Reclaim AI

AI that organizes and reshuffles your calendar for you when there are interruption.

Give AI Scheduling a Try

Surfer SEO

AI powered tool for targeting search terms to show up in Google.

Check out SurferSEO

AI News & Updates

Hard Fork

This New York Times podcast tackles AI news and the hard questions while making it really enjoable.

David Shapiro

I appreciate David's take on AI news.

David Shaipro on YouTube

Other Tools I Use Regularly & Recommend


Website WCAG & ADA compliance tool for accessibility.

Lean about AccessiBe

Answer the Public

Answer The Public allows you to see the most popular questions related to a specific search term on Google. Create a free account and you can do 3 searches a day and download your results to a spreadsheet.

Google Analytics GA4

The current standard for analyzing all your web traffic. (It will be replaced in a few months with GA4.)

Check your sales by channel in Acquisition > All traffic  > Source Medium.

Google Keyword Planner

If you have a Google Ads account, you have free access to the Google Keyword Planner. You don't need to running ads to use it.

Google Search Console

The interface for managing a site’s presence on free Google search results.

Check Performance > Search Results for opportunities where Google is already showing you in search.


A robust affiliate marketing app that allows you to run an affiliate program.

Learn about ShoutOut

Connect with Me

Book an Hour with Peter

Pre-paid Zoom sessions with Peter.

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Risk-Free Performance-Based Marketing™

I've created an advertising program with guaranteed 5X results for Ecommerce stores using Shopify.

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Connect with Peter on LinkedIn.

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