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Useful Links

Measuring & Identifying Opportunities

Google Analytics

The current standard for analyzing all your web traffic. (It will be replaced in a few months with GA4.)

Check your sales by channel in Acquisition > All traffic  > Source Medium.

Google Search Console

The interface for managing a site’s presence on free Google search results.

Check Performance > Search Results for opportunities where Google is already showing you in search.

Google Keyword Planner

if you have a Google Ads account, you have free access to the Google Keyword Planner. you don't need to running ads to use it.

Answer the Public

Answer The Public allows you to see the most popular questions related to a specific search term on Google. Create a free account and you can do 3 searches a day and download your results to a spreadsheet.

Use this tool to answer relevant questions that people are asking on Google.

AI Tools for SEO

Surfer SEO
AI powered tool for targeting search terms to show up in Google.

Use this to understand the content that is needed to rank for a search term so you can build out content strategically.

Note: You can also sign up free for GROW FLOW which will suggest a manageable number weekly easy-to-do suggestions for how to improve SEO.

Jasper is a predictive text tool, that can be used to make writing easier and faster.

Use this quickly flush out content that is aligned with your expertise and is useful to your customers.