You’re a retail business owner and have had enough with paying thousands of dollars each month to a marketing agency for lack-lustre paid search & social media marketing results.

What if your digital marketing could be made up of successful campaigns that measurably earn you revenue? 

It can.

Does Your Current Marketing Agency Measure What Matters Most: Sales?

You’re spending your advertising budget on a marketing agency who’s experienced team of experts have engineered a strategy to attack the digital marketing landscape on your behalf.

The strategy includes a cocktail of the following unmeasured activities: search engine optimization, paid search, social media marketing, social media ads, email marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing. It may also include: web development, marketing strategy fees, an add-on digital marketing system, audits for compatibility with search engines, and a complicated proprietary platform that integrates your digital marketing channels with marketing automation tools.

The question is, is all that stuff working?

If you are like most retailers the answer is, I don’t know.

You’re feeling buried in technology jargon, monthly fees, and most likely blaming yourself for falling short when it comes to the marketing the initiatives you’ve tried in the past.

Marketing Agencies Will Always Try To Razzle-Dazzle You

Before you’re their client, they put their best foot forward.

…After you’re their client, they put your best foot forward.

Your Marketing Agency Will Provide the Best Looking Vanity Metrics. Can You Eat Vanity Metrics?

Marketing agencies need to keep you on as a client, so they show the good results their digital marketing services are producing. (Don’t look behind the curtain.) It’s much more exciting to tell you that you had a million impressions and twenty thousand clicks than it is to tell you that using their overall marketing strategy lost you money with each and every sale you made.

The Power of ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

We need to look at where we’re putting too much trust in the experts to know what’s best for us. They don’t know anything about how your business works, so who’s the expert?

Retailers Need a Digital Marketing North Star

What's a North Star? The North Star is a constant in the Northern Hemisphere that serves as a guiding light for sailors at sea.

In business terms, your North Star is a small set of easy to reference constant metrics. It allows you to easily assess the success of digital marketing efforts against your business objectives, regardless of marketing platform, online advertising medium or other factors like target audience demographics.

Consider what the marketing experts report to us, but check our own North Star to test for actual performance marketing success.

ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) is a Retailer’s North Star

If you’re measuring sales, you’re guaranteed to be getting engagement (likes, clicks, shares, impressions, comments). If you’re measuring engagement, there’s no guarantee of sales.

What's Your ROAS?

ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) is a simple calculation to determine how many dollars you earned for each $1 you spent.

A ROAS of 2 means that you earned $2 for Every $1 you spent on ads. A ROAS of 7 means you Earned $7 for every $1 spent.

Most Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail

There’s nothing wrong with failure. Failure is how we learn. The problem lies in not measuring the right things to understand what caused the failure so that we can try something different next time and get a different result. Instead of addressing Performance-Based marketing failures head on, retailers move from one marketing agency to another, hoping for an improvement. Often being irritated with the previous marketing agencies for being overly optimistic about results their clients achieve, but really blaming themselves for falling short of their marketing goals.

This kind of vicious cycle can wear down a business owner, making them cynical and untrusting of any digital agency offering advertising services.

An Intimate Understanding of Performance Marketing from Both Sides

Peter Benes is a graphic designer specializing in eCommerce web design for brick and mortar retail, and a wealth of experience on both sides of the equation. He was the founder of an advertising agency which ran for over a decade before being absorbed by a larger agency, and was heavily involved in the marketing of his life partner, Amber Riedel’s, retail store which serviced Canadian dancers for a quarter century before being sold in 2021.

With this unique perspective, he understands the challenges of digital marketing for retailers, speaks the language of marketing agencies, and understand the technology used by both.

Risk-Free Marketing for Retailers™

Your Risk-Free Performance Marketing Partner for Brick & Mortar Retail Stores

What the what now, risk-free digital marketing?

How does performance marketing work?

It’s simple, we share the risk. Strategic digital media partnerships like this create an incentive for performance marketing agencies to get you better revenue and lead generation results because our butt is on the line too.

We make money when you make money. If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.

4 Easy Steps to Performance Marketing

Step 1: Apply to the Risk-Free Marketing for Retailers™ Programme

Fill out the Risk-Free Marketing for Retailers™ application form. It'll start the process and allow us to see if you’re a good match for working together on a Performance-Based paid search strategy.

Step 2: Assign a Monthly Marketing Budget

Once you’re accepted, the first thing you’ll need to do is assign a portion of your marketing budget our Risk-Free Marketing for Retailers™ programme. 

Move Your Wasted Budget

This is a no risk performance marketing program, remember? We don’t need you to assign a whole new budget. Just reduce your current budget assigned to other marketing agencies by the amount you feel is not really working for you.

Then let us move that same ad spend that is currently being wasted into our performance marketing agency programme. Our minimum monthly budget is $500, and is prepaid each month automatically. You can cancel at any time.

Love your marketing agency? Please keep using them.

You are free to continue getting creative services with your existing full service agency or digital services freelancers while you work with us. In fact you’ll likely need them. We’re not interested in taking over. In fact, we’ll only be focusing all our attention on a single paid search performance-based marketing channel at first.

We'll start with Google Ads only

We’ll begin your performance marketing services with Google Ads search and display advertising (a.k.a Google AdWords). We won’t even consider taking on social media marketing such as Facebook advertising, email marketing automation or other search marketing platforms until we’ve nailed the conversion rate optimization on customer acquisition on that first critical paid search channel.

The reason we are so laser focused on paid ads with Google is that we can’t do conversion optimization if we’re spread to thin. If we offer performance marketing services before the first is successful, we are no longer focused on conversion rate optimization. That’s why we’re the opposite of most full-service advertising agencies: we want to leave your money on the table because we’re paid by your customers, just like you.

Step 3: Accurate Performance Tracking

Quality profit-making marketing services of top performance marketing agencies start with accurate data collection. We can’t do conversion rate optimization if we don’t know the real metrics on all your performance marketing channels and campaigns. Because your most crucial element for working with our performance marketing agency is our ability to confidently produce accurate data, we won’t run a single ad until data tracking is set up and ready to be tested.

We've got this!

We’ll do most of the work on this, but we may need some help from you with access through your website and related online properties to get everything in place as needed.

Step 4: We Run Your Performance Marketing Campaigns

Once we have accepted your application, have your pre-paid digital marketing budget, and are pulling data analytics from your online properties, our performance marketing agency will launch your first performance marketing paid advertising campaign.

We’ll keep you up to date during this process with regular reports so you have a sense of our progress, and to be sure our data points, such as revenue, match what you’re seeing in your eCommerce store.

Pay Us When Your Ads Earn Revenue

Marketing agencies talk a big game, but we put your money where our mouth is. We succeed when you succeed.

Let’s Get Started!

If you are interested in applying for The MKTG Moneyball Programme to see if you qualify for our risk-free performance-based marketing program, please fill out the form below.